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Happy Together! : Stories About Family, Friendship and Faith 
Year: 2011 
Series: VeggieTales 
The Wonderful Wizard of Ha's : The Story of a Prodigal Son 
Year: 2007 
Series: VeggieTales 
Jesus Wakes the Little Girl (Arch Books) 
Edition: Illustrated 
Year: 2009 
ISBN: 0758616155 
ISBN 13: 9780758616159 
Celery Night Fever : A Lesson in Forgiveness 
Year: 2014 
Series: VeggieTales 
The Pirates Who Are Don't Do Anything  
Edition: Widescreen 
Year: 2008 
Series: VeggieTales 
The Little House That Stood : A Lesson in Making Good Choices 
Year: 2013 
Series: VeggieTales 
The Ballad of Kittle Joe : A Lesson in Facing Hardship 
Year: 2003 
Series: VeggieTales 
Noah's Ark : A Lesson in Trusting God 
Year: 2015 
Series: VeggieTales 
Minnesota Cuke and the Search for Samson's Hairbrush : A Lesson in Dealing With Bullies 
Year: 2005 
Series: VeggieTales 
Sing Alongs : I Love My Lips 
Year: 2006 
Series: VeggieTales